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Dog Toys are an important part of your dogs happy and healthy lifestyle. It’s important that you spend time picking out and playing with dog toys with your dog as this encourages them to stay active and improves their overall health and mood.Dog toys come in many styles and materials. You need to evaluate which materials will work best for your dog before you choose a dog toy. With improving technology, comes multiple material sources such as flavored rubber instead of the plain old stinky rubber, bones, plush toys, rope toys, balls and artificial bones. Take into consideration what your dog likes along with what suites their needs and don’t be afraid to try something new.Start by using your dog’s size to determine your dog’s toy choice selection. The dog toy must be designed for your dog’s size needs. Choosing a dog toy that is designed for a German Shepherd for your small Poodle or vice-versa is not a viable option. The small dog would not be able to handle the larger toy and the larger dog could potentially choke on the smaller toy.Next, take into account what materials the dog toy is constructed out of. This directly impacts the quality of the toy. Choosing a cheap dog toy is never a good idea. They are made of inferior quality materials and they never last. They also often pose potential dangers such as choking hazards because they tend to fall apart easily. Besides, a toy that doesn’t last long is just a waste of your time and money and a disappointment to your dog.

If you are picking out a dog toy for smaller dogs or a growing puppy, make sure to choose a toy that is soft and easier to chew and of course in the smaller category. Do not buy toys that have small pieces that could come loose or break off. Again, these are choking hazards and remember, puppies are big chewers!As many small dog owners can tell you, some small dogs have an extremely powerful jaw and so you will need to compensate for that by purchasing a little bit bigger dog toy for them than their size would indicate. Otherwise, they will obliterate a toy that does not suite their needs.If you have any experience with a dog and their dog toys, you will know that most dogs tend to have one particular toy that they favor. Let me just say, if this is the case at your house, go buy three more just like it and put them away for future use!!! Why, because when the old toy finally gives it up, you won’t be able to find another one and your dog will pout and pout and pout! LOL!Choose a wide selection of toys for your dog to play with. You never know what’s going to interest them from day to day and there is such a variety to choose from these days. Take advantage of the choices and try everything from ropes, bouncy balls, flavored rubber toys, bones, plush toys and anything else you find exciting or interesting.Don’t forget to choose some outdoor toys too. I make the distinction of outdoor and indoor toys at my house because we live on a farm/ranch and the dog’s like to play with tennis balls, golf balls and other flying projectiles that I don’t necessarily allow in the house! LOL! I do allow tennis balls in but only clean ones. Truthfully, it’s not necessarily the dogs that I worry about breaking stuff as it is as much their dad! As I said, the golf balls stay outside!!!

There is such a fabulous selection of dog toys available now with the access to online stores, you can practically find any dog toy you dream up. You can also choose the toy that is best suited for your furry friend according to size, material and likes. Not to mention, that you never even have to leave your home, it’s a huge savings in time and money.Finding a dog toy for your precious pup is a big responsibility that will require you to put some thought into your choice but once you know what your dog’s needs are, the sky is the limit! There are thousands and thousands of dog toys to choose from and it will make the play time you spend with your dog so much more enjoyable if you take the time to choose a toy you will both enjoy.The effort will pay off in a big way by allowing you to re-invent your playtime together and enjoying every moment you spend together. This can be an experience you both reap the benefits from.

Plush Toys and Putting Them in Boxes | Toys

Have you ever wondered why most plush toys are not inside boxes? A reliable stuffed toy manufacturer would tell you that it’s better not to put them in boxes. Is it a professional preference or is there something more to it?A lot of toy inventors want to put them in boxes for cleanliness. Boxes help protect the toys from harmful elements like dirt, dust and moisture. A lot of people feel that it also adds value to the toy. You can customize a box to attract prospective buyers into approaching your plush doll. Also, a lot of people think that having a box is handy for advertising and marketing purposes because it gives you a lot of space to advertise or market your product.So why would a stuffed toy manufacturer tell you that it’s not a good idea to put them in boxes? Don’t they want clean stuffed toys? Manufacturers just see things the way prospective customers see it. Stuffed toys were designed to be touched and to be hugged. Because of this, people would want to touch and hug the toy to see if it’s the “right one”.

If you still think that it’s more important to protect your stuffed toys and at the same time use the box to advertise or market your toy, there are things that you can do. First, you can use a box that has a clear window at the front. This can give your customers a chance to take a look at the toy. This will give you the best chance to advertise and to make sure that you have clean stuffed toys. Another option is to use an L display box. Ask your stuffed toy manufacturer if this is the best box for your toy because it usually works best for toys that have mechanics or electronics in them. This will give your customers the chance to touch the paw or press on the chest to test the mechanics or electronics. The third option is to use clamshell packaging more commonly used in gadgets. It usually has a cardboard liner at the back that displays your branding and advertisement. But as you’ve noticed, the toy would have to be taken out of the box to be touched so keep that in mind.Now that you know the options, you now know that it can get a little expensive especially if you’re going to make plush toys in bulk. You can ask your stuffed toy manufacturer how it’s going to affect the cost of shipping. You can probably fit 100 plush toys in a single box. But if you put them in boxes, it will probably take 2 or 3 boxes. Even if the weight is lesser, you’re still going to be charged higher for the shipment because 3 boxes take up more cargo space than 1.

If you just want to make sure that you have clean stuffed toys, you can just opt for light packaging that isn’t too bulky like plastic. If you want a place to advertise, you can use hangtags or labels. The point is there are other options to protect your toys and advertise at the same time. But if you have a great idea for a box that you know can complement your plush toy, talk to your stuffed toy manufacturer about it so you can check if it’s worth it.